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Urban Legend Emails

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - You may have seen an email recently claiming Target stores don't support Vietnam Veterans. But business experts claim the email stretches the truth.

Looking at the email it's easy to see how you might think it's authentic. The man sending it says he's a veteran, and claims he's just trying to get a message out there. But the Better Business Bureau reports the claims are false.

The email got past around, the story changed and ended up saying Target won't let U.S. Marines collect money for "Toys for Tots".

But Snopes.com looked into it and found out what really happened - A store in Indiana refused to contribute cash to a Veteran asking for donations. Target donates gift cards, not cash.

Local Better Business Bureau representatives said you should take your emails with a grain of salt.

"Before you respond to anything just be really, really careful. It's just like you wouldn't believe everything you read on paper, listen to on TV or radio," said Norma Miller, Better Business Bureau.  

Miller said if you have a question about whether what's in your inbox is actually true, contact the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau.

Here's their number 509-455-4200 or you can call toll free at 1-800-356-1007.