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Stanley Cup in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The Stanley Cup took a trip around the Tri-Cities Saturday.  

It was at four Kennewick businesses and fans got a chance to take pictures and get a first hand look at the cup.

The Stanley Cup is the only trophy of the four major U.S. sports that is passed from one N.H.L. champion to the next.  

Ben Jewkes said he is a serious hockey fan.  He was extremely excited to see the cup up close. He said, "It's incredible to see it up close.  You always see it on TV.  You always see the fans with it.  To be there and have it right in front of you is pretty amazing."

During its history, the Stanley Cup has been drop-kicked, used to plant geraniums, urinated on, drank from, and slept with.

It has also been used as a dog dish and a bird feeder, and even thrown into a pool.  The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in sports.