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Local Guardsman Happy to be Home with Family for Thanksgiving

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YAKIMA, Wa -  It will most certainly be a happy Thanksgiving for guardsman from the 792nd Chemical Company.

They have returned home just in time to enjoy the holidays with their families.

All 152 guardsman from the unit have returned home safely.  They suffered no casualties.

One local guardsman tells us the turkey will taste a little juicier this thanksgiving.  A year away from his family makes him appreciate the holidays all the more.

For SFC Mike Brown, little moments in the kitchen with his daughter are what make this Thanksgiving so special.

"The conversation and just being able to spend that quality time together is truly amazing," says Brown.

This time last year, Brown was in Iraq with the 792nd Chemical Company.  Now, he sits on the couch in his Yakima home.  His girlfriend Tamara sits next him, holding his hand.

"You've got your battle buddy next to you, but it's just not the same," says Brown, "It's not your wife or your girlfriend.  Your son or daughter isn't with you."

Brown has only been back for a few days now.  His bags are still in the living room.  But life is already returning to normal.

"As soon as he got home, we were instantly reunited and we were family again," says Brown's daughter Lindsay.

And Linsday performed her duties admirably while Brown was away serving his country.  He shows a plaque she received from Central Washington University for making the honor roll.  She did all this while managing his finances for him.

"And she didn't miss a beat.  I have an A-One credit rating," says Brown.

After all this time away, Brown says he wants to return the favor.

"I do believe that the year gone has made me more appreciative of family. Quality time, I'm going to spend it differently."