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Police ticket handicap parking violators

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UNION GAP, Wash -- Busy shopping malls mean crowded parking lots. According to Sgt. Gregory Cobb, of the Union Gap Police, the busier the parking lot the more likely there are shoppers who park illegally in handicap spots.

"In a period of a couple of hours," said Cobb, "We wrote six tickets which is actually quite a few."

Its usually shoppers who are too lazy to walk across the parking lot, or who think they can just pop into the mall for a minute.  

"To park in a handicap parking spot you have to have a state issued permit or a state issued license plate designated as a disabled person," said Cobb.  

Shoppers who park illegally are not only taking a spot from someone who genuinely needs it, but also face the risk of a stiff fine --  $250.00.