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Cleaning Coats For Kids

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - When its cold, kids need warm coats. But not every family can afford to buy their children a winter coat. And that's where the "KNDU Coats for Kids" program comes in.

If you've spent any time outside at all this week you know kids need these coats. But you can't just pull a coat out and throw it on a kid's back. Some of them need a little touch up first.

Every coat you drop off helps one more kid make it through the winter, but some coats look like they walked themselves in.

The Tri-City Cleaners and Laundromat knows how dingy some clothes can get, so they clean the coats you donate for free.

"It's something that needs to be done in the community. And we're just happy to do what we can to help," said Susan Combs Manager at Tri-City Cleaners & Laundromat.  

They clean roughly 3,000 coats each winter. Each coat needs different treatment. Some need to be dry cleaned, others you can toss in the wash. And Salvation Army leaders said Tri-City Cleaners does a great job.

"When we take the dirty coats in you can definitely tell the difference between a dirty coat and when it comes back really clean," said Capt. Raymond Erickson-King, The Salvation Army.  

And people who need the coats for their family said they're grateful for the cleaners hard work.

"Right now it's very cold. I need the jackets for the babies," said Aura Cordova, whose grandchildren need coats.   

Tri-City Cleaners said they're just doing their part, and add they're amazed at the community's generosity.

"People will come in with arm loads to bring them in here," said Combs. 

Regardless who gets credit, once coats have been to the cleaners, they always turn out a little nicer when they came in.

Now if you have a kid's coat you'd like to donate, you can drop one off this Saturday at the "KNDU Family Food Drive" or any place you see the big blue barrels.