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Stores Selling Mature Video Games to Minors

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Parents rely on video game ratings to keep their kids away from violent video games. But, many stores are ignoring the ratings and selling to underage kids.

The Entertainment Rating Software Board rates the games and tries to warn parents. Games with lots of violence and strong language are given a mature rating, meaning kids under the age of 17 can't legally buy them.

But a new test done in Washington State showed that many stores ignore the rules. 8 of 11 stores tested sold games to underage kids. Nielsen's Video Games of Richland says it has a strict policy.

Nielsen employee Aaron Cherney says, "Definitely we check their I.D. And if their not of age, we let them know that they can't be buying the game and usually they come back later with a parent."

Besides checking I.D.s, a 2005 state law also requires businesses to have signs explaining the ratings. In a recent study, only two of 19 stores actually posted visible signs. Video game dealers tell kids to bring a parent if they really want a mature video game.