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What is a Patroon?

YAKIMA, Wash. - What is a patroon?

A. a mushroom that only grows in the summer

B. a soldier

C. a 17th century Dutch landowner in colonial America

D. an Albany based transit line

The CBA landscape has been vastly altered for the 2006-2007 season. Six new expansion teams joined the league, with the Yakama Sun Kings and Albany Patroons as the only holdovers.

So when the Patroons rolled into town on Friday, the Sun Kings got a chance to play the one team that it's somewhat familiar with. But exactly how much did Yakama know about those Patroons? It starts with the question "What is a Patroon?"

KNDO asked the question to the Sun Kings. Eddy Barlow took the 5th. Ralphie Holmes couldn't come up with an answer. Galen Young wondered if it was "a mushroom that only grows in the summer." Jason Forte seemed confident in his guess, "a soldier." Assistant Coach Tony Fritz agreed Forte. Greg Stevenson guessed a patroon was a type of fruit.

Elvin Mims came the closest when he remembered being absent from history class that day. But then Mims backtracked and thought a patroon might be a beverage.

So, what is a patroon then?

We had to look it up too. The answer is C - a 17th century Dutch landowner. The Patroons were the equivalent of feudal lords in an area the Dutch named New Netherland (present day New York State). Albany's located in the area that once consisted of many Dutch trading posts, and hence the name.