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Depression During the Holidays

WASHINGTON - Mental Health Specialists said depression could be more intense during the holiday season for some people.

Richland Police said there were 7 suicide calls in the last two weeks.

Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb said a suicide stand off is very intense.  He said, "Every second that we can keep them talking is a victory and that's one second closer to getting them to a qualified mental health professional."

Cobb said, "The psychological and emotional impact of the holidays a lot of times a holiday season can acerbate a pre-existing condition with someone."

The Benton Franklin County Crisis Response teams deals with thousands of people that are depressed and suicidal every year.

Crisis Center Supervisor Jim Martin has been in the mental health field for over twenty years.  He said their center receives a surge of calls immediately after the holiday season.

Martin said, "They have made it through the holidays, even if it was a difficult time for them, they just grinned and bared it, but once those pressures are gone and the holidays are over, they let their real feelings come out."

Martin said that memories of past holidays, thoughts about dead relatives and drinking alcohol are all things that can intensify depression for some people.

Cobb said, "Take suicidal threats seriously."

Martin said, "Let them know you're worried.  They're going to feel some sense of relief they don't have to keep this horrible secret anymore."

The phone number to the Benton Franklin County Crisis Center is 509-783-0500.