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Kennewick House Tagged

One house in Kennewick is vandalized and the suspects are long gone before police are called. The garage door was graffittied and T.P. was found all over the front yard.

It all happened on South Dayton Street early Friday morning. The garage door had "Minor 707" spraypainted in red and grey. A neighbor called Kennewick Police. Police say they do not believe the graffiti is gang-related because gangs do not usually T.P. houses. 707 is not a number usually associated with a gang. It is an area code in California.

Police recieved the call at 6:30 Friday morning but say the vandalism probably happened much earlier.

They say they will report the graffitti to their Graffitti Abatement Program. This program will send a supervised group from the Juvenile Justice Center to come paint over the garage door.

They usually come out in 24 hours.