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Kennewick Police Looking For Window Smashers

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - The search is on for a pair of vandals smashing in car windows. Kennewick police have received 20 reports in just 7 days. And officers want it to stop.

Right now officers don't have a lot to go off of. So far tips have been vague. And officers hope something you know will help them arrest the window smashers running around the city.

Dori Roberson said around midnight on Tuesday, she heard hoodlums bust out her Dodge Caravan's back window. But she didn't know what happened until she woke up the next day.

"The next morning I took my daughter to school and the whole window was bashed in," said Roberson.  

Shards of glass covered her back seat. Mechanic friends she talked to said it'll cost her $400.

But she's not the only one.

A week ago someone threw a rock at the truck sitting outside 1511 S. Jefferson Street. And since then 19 other people said the same thing happened to them. Someone broke out the back window to a car on West 4th place. They smashed in a bedroom window down the street, and shattered a classroom window at Southgate Elementary.

Roberson said she doesn't get how someone can take pleasure destroying an innocent person's property.

"It's just sad that people get their kicks out of going around and busting people's windows. What kind of fun is that? I really don't understand that," said Roberson.   

Kennewick police think the same person or people are responsible for most of these smash-ins. The problem is they don't have enough information to make an arrest.

"Just give us a tip where this car is, who these suspects might be and we can pick it up from there. You don't even need to leave your name, but we'd like somebody to point us in the right direction," said Sgt. Ken Lattin, Kennewick Police Department. 

Here's what police know so far: the suspects are two males. They drive a dark colored, older, mid-sized sedan, possibly a Buick.   Nearly all the incidents occurred after midnight. 

If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 586-TIPS or 1-800-222-TIPS.