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Sex Offender Progression

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - What causes someone to become a serious sex offender?  Sex offenders are in every community around the world.  In the Tri-Cities law enforcement post their information and criminal history online.

Sex offender experts said in some cases, it is a progression of offenses that ultimately leads to a serious offense.

Kennewick Police Sergeant Randy Maynard deals with many sex offenders in the Kennewick.  He said every case is different and there is no set progression for a sex offender, but sometimes there are certain indications of abnormal behavior. 

Police said voyeurism is a serious offense.  Over the weekend an 18-year-old man was arrested for exposing himself to a neighbor.

Maynard said voyeurism is offensive and criminal, "But it is an indicator that this behavior could lead to something else.  You can't put a tag on an individual where you can say yes they're going to offend again or no they're not.  It can take on any range of behaviors."

Police said some more serious sex offenders have a history of voyeurism, displaying pornographic images to others, obscene conversation with others or fondling people in public.

Experts and police said many sex offenders were abused at some point in their childhood.  Maynard said, "Some of them were actually offended in some form as a child."

Police said they take sex crimes very serious and said just because someone is caught exposing themselves does not mean they will eventually  turn into a sex offender.