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Common Trees in Yakima Are Having Problems Withstanding Winds

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YAKIMA, Wa -  A local tree removal service says evergreens and some other trees common in Yakima are vulnerable in windstorms, but you can take some steps to protect yourself. 

A chainsaw buzzes on Yakima Avenue this afternoon.  ‘Senske Tree and Lawn and Care' is working to remove a 50-foot cedar tree that fell on a house during last night's wind storm.  It will take them about two days.

"When you get high winds, rains that really saturates the soil, it makes for hazards to those types of trees," says Ryan Paullin of ‘Senske Tree and Lawn Care.'

He says they are getting calls to clear out the same trees about every other day; trees from the fir, pine and spruce families.

"See a lot of it is just real shallow roots right in here," says Paullin, pointing to the uprooted cedar tree, "A lot of your deciduous trees have bigger roots.  Shallow roots with high winds tend to snap right off."

Paullin says there are warning signs to look out for.

"You'll drive through town a little bit and you see a lot of the trees leaning a little bit.  These are the trees that people want removed out of their yards."

He says if you want to keep those trees from tipping or falling over, you need to maintain them. 

"Some proper pruning on them.  Get those limbs thinned out, so wind can blow through them a little bit better."

Paullin says if you want to have trees in your backyard.  Birches, maples and locusts are safer trees to have closer to the house.