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Meth Lab Backpack in Kennewick

Last weekend, Washington State Patrol chased down a man with a backpack and it turned out the backpack contained much more than they bargained for.

In this backpack, there were all the ingredients to make meth and troopers say with a meth arrest there is always a greater risk.

Washington State Patrol's Zach Elmore said, "We usually have a higher sense of awareness. These people are a lot more desperate with the chemicals in their bodies. They will be in jail for a long time."

But, today the WSP Meth Response Team took the next risk in this backpack lab as they investigated the lab. They have to be aware of fire and explosion danger and the possibility of inhaling toxic chemicals. Because of all the dangers of processing a meth lab, at least six team members are needed.

The Meth Response Team had to fingerprint the contents of the backpack and take samples of each of the containers to see if they were meth but, scientists say the most important thing is to make sure everyone stays safe.

WSP Forensic Scientist Matt Jorgenson says, "We take all these procedures to ensure our safety. We want to be around for the next 30 or 40 years in our profession."

Field tests show that the chemicals inside could be meth but more lab tests are needed to confirm it.

They say the evidence from this backpack will be examined for about a month before it is used in court. They say that while they are seeing fewer meth labs, the backpack labs are especially dangerous.