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Fines for Doing Doughnuts

PASCO, Wash. - With all the new snow you might have an urge to pull into an empty parking lot and spin a few doughnuts.  But if police catch you, your joy ride could become expensive.

Some people feel a big empty parking full of new fallen snow is just asking for someone to drive in and spin out.

Wednesday we caught someone who succumbed temptation in one of the parking lots near TRAC in Pasco. But you may not realize doing doughnuts is against the law.

If you get caught can be fined $538 and charged with 2nd degree negligent driving.

Officers said the reason is simple, some people just aren't careful.

"They hit buildings, they hit light poles, they hit garbage cans, they hit playground equipment, they hit other cars, and other people. Once you start a car in motion unless you're really good at what you're doing, there's no way of stopping it," said Capt. Mike Cobb, Richland Police Department.   

The TRAC facility wasn't the only parking lot etched with doughnuts circles Wednesday. The one off Kellogg and Canal Drive also showed circles carved into the snow.