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Mark Tucker Receives Prison Sentence

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - The man who drove the getaway car for suspected murderer James Moran is sentenced to prison.

A jury found Mark Tucker guilty for helping Moran escape, and Thursday Tucker learned how long he'll spend in behind bars for his role in the murders of Linda and Danielle Moreno.

It's been a difficult 18 months for Loren Moreno. Every step of this trial has been a grim reminder of the day he lost his wife and daughter. In a prepared statement he told Tucker, "You have taken from me everything I ever cherished." These words didn't go unnoticed as the Benton County Superior Court Judge Robert Swisher issued Tucker's sentence.

After months of court proceedings, Thursday marked the final chapter in the Mark Tucker trial. In the summer of 2005 Tucker drove the getaway car for James Moran and a jury convicted him of rendering criminal assistance.

With rumors of Tucker looking to write a book about his experience. Prosecutors urged the court to impose five years in prison and an additional $10,000 fine.

"The defendant should never profit, never ever profit from the murders of Linda and Danielle," said Scott Johnson, Benton County Deputy Prosecutor. 

Loren Moreno said he's listened closely every step of the way. But Thursday it was his turn to speak. He told Tucker he's never noticed a shred of remorse.

"The only sorrow you have displayed is for yourself and being caught. The day you drove James Moran to my home was the day that you shattered my life forever," said Moreno.   

Before Judge Swisher issued Tucker's sentence he allowed him to tell Moreno how deeply he regrets what happened.

"My heart goes out to you whole heartedly and I'm truly sorry for the catastrophic loss you guys have gone through," said Tucker. 

Loren appreciated Tucker's apology.

"You look at his past you look at his self-centeredness. Everybody can change. So I'm going to buy he's truly remorseful and I hope he is," said Moreno.   

But it didn't sway Judge Swisher's decision. He sentenced Tucker to five years in prison with over $49,000 in court fees and costs.