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Myspace Security Changes

WASHINGTON - A popular online social network said they are increasing security for parents.  

A lawsuit has been filed by families of four underage girls who said each female was sexually abused by adults they meet on Myspace.   

Myspace released a written statement and said they provide users with the proper tools to stay safe online.  The statement also encouraged people to use common sense and have open family dialogue about smart web practices.

But some parents think it is just not safe.  Father of two, Andy Zwoster said, "It's like a grocery store for stalkers."

Zwoster said his 17 year-old daughter is allowed to use the online site, but he said they talk about who she communicates with.

17-year-old Nina Zwoster said, "I don't talk to people I don't know and my profile is on private."

The company said they are developing software for parents that will show them the name their child is using online and their posted age.

Christopher Denney said, "My daughter and her friends were lying about their ages."

He caught his nine year-old with a Myspace account telling people online that she was older than she really was. 

Denney said, "If a 9 year-old can get a page on there and say she has a sexy bottom yeah, definitely there's not enough security and parents need to pay a big role in that.  It took a little while, but we were able to step in and make sure it wasn't an issue."

Denney contacted Myspace and had the account terminated. 

Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb said, "Increased security is a good thing, but I think moms and dads are the number one defense against suspects and predators on the Internet and we need to keep that line of defense right there."

The upgrades to Myspace security are not expected until this summer.  The company said new security measures will not show who a child is talking to or what they are talking about.

Police encouraged parents to monitor what their children on doing online.