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Getting To Know More About A Disease Amongst Us

YAKIMA, Wash. - An effort is being made to educate the community about a disease that affects millions of people in our country.

The Highgate Senior Living center hosted an Alzheimer's Disease speaker on Thursday night in Yakima.

There's so many people living with the disease in our community, it's something we can't ignore.

That's the subject of Sheryl Sparks' presentation who was the featured speaker. Over 30 people were in attendance.

They either wanted to know more about the disease because they have a loved one affected by the disease, or they just wanted to be prepared in case they encounter any symptoms.

Alzheimer's Disease is most common when a person reaches their sixties, but it could show up earlier.

Sparks says there are many things people can do before they reach that age.

"It's important that they recognize the fact that somebody may have Alzheimer's Disease, have it diagnosed and get them started on treatment as early as possible," she said. "That's the most important thing on slowing the decline of somebody who is going to have the disease."

Sparks says it's also important for people to not ignore the symptons. Highgate Senior Living is doing its part by traveling throughout the community, with the hopes of educating more people about the disease.