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Some Grocery Stores Stock Oranges Despite Price Increase

Several grocery stores in Yakima are choosing not to stock oranges, because they simply can't afford the prices now. But one store wanted to see if the demand was high enough to justify taking the chance of supplying oranges.

Recent freezing temperatures in California have ruined a majority of the orange crop, causing an increase in prices.

The owner of the Grocery Outlet hasn't ordered oranges since the freeze in California, because his customers are usually shopping on a tighter budget.

But Dennis Baker decided to take a gamble, and ordered 40 bags of oranges, which were delivered this morning. Baker ordered the oranges even though the retail cost has doubled from three dollars a bag to six, because he says they were his number two selling item in produce before the cost increase.

Baker says he wants his customers to be able to make the choice about whether to pay the price for oranges. But if people decide not to buy those oranges, he says they will be marked down until they're sold. If that occurs, he says the Grocery Outlet won't order them again until the prices return to normal.

One good aspect of this story, Baker says his apple sales have doubled since orange prices went up.