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Diesel Prices Not Falling, Hurting Drivers

PASCO, Wash.- Truckers are wondering why diesel prices aren't falling as prices for unleaded and crude oil drop.

Local distributors KNDU talked to said they've dropped their prices significantly in the past month, but stations haven't responded.

Diesel in Pasco Tuesday was $2.83, compared to $2.39 for unleaded.

Truckers say they don't understand why prices for everything but diesel are dropping.

One says it's bleeding him dry, and new price tracking systems are forcing drivers to take more time to save their companies money.

"We end up getting like 100 gallons, here, 50 gallons there, so we're actually burning out time up every time we stop, so we're losing miles," said trucker David Nodes, Sr. 

So, we're paying for them to get better, get cheaper fuel.

Drivers say the Department of Transportation forces them to take at least a 15 minute break every time they fuel up, so the more they fuel, the less time they're working, and the less they're paid.

Prices are expected to rise in the upcoming months as agriculture picks back up.