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How to Buy HDTV

KENNEWICK, Wash. - High definition television, with it colors appear more vibrant, the picture looks clearer, and images nearly jump off the screen. But not all HDTV's are alike.

When you're buying an HDTV you've got a lot of options.  You want the best picture, but how do you know which TV to go with. Plasma? LCD? Flat screens? Rear projection? The choices can make you dizzy.

If you haven't done it already you might want to put buying an HDTV on your "to do" list. TV stations are counting down to February 2009 when all TV broadcast signals switch to digital only.

So if you don't have a digital TV, or a digital tuner box on your old set your signal will look like a snow storm.

This might be the perfect time to succumb to temptation. If you want a good one, expect to pay $2,000 or more. But which way do you lean? Here's the rule of thumb, bigger screen - go plasma; smaller screen - go LCD.

Experts claim you'll thank yourself later.

"A plasma is going to be a more outstanding picture because of the black levels it can produce whereas an LCD can't," said Roger Ashby, Quick Silver Audio.    

Flat screens beat out rear projection, but however you choose, the images will amaze you.

27-year-old Darrol Fluckiger coughed up the cash about a month ago.

"If you're going to spend some money for a TV, you want to get the best and if you're a guy you want to get the biggest," said Fluckiger.     

And since he's got it he's noticed he has a few more friends.

"I had the big game party last Sunday. It was a good time. Everyone enjoyed watching the game, but of course no one wants that to be the reason to be popular, but ya know it does help," he said.   

If you want to make sure you get it just right make sure you watch old video tapes and DVD's on your new purchase.

So when you go to the store remember don't let your options overwhelm you. Just take it one HDTV at a time.