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Scripture Getting Taken Down in Finley Schools

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FINLEY, Wash.- Concerned parents and school leaders finally sat down to talk about the controversial prayer boxes and scripture posted in Finley schools.

Some parents have been asking that the religious material be removed because of the separation of church and state.

Some parents have been complaining about prayer boxes and posted scripture at Finley Middle School and after a meeting with the district Tuesday, they've agreed to take the scripture down, and they'll continue to look into whether the prayer boxes are legal.

They've been posted throughout Finley Schools.

Angry parents were given the chance to talk to school officials about whether the boxes and posted scripture need to come down, and after the meeting, they're satisfied.

"That's a step forward, and I'm glad they're kind of working on it, you know, working with us because, like I said, there's too many cultures and too many different languages going into that school to have religion in the school," said Charles Hunt, who's heading up the protest.

The District first looked at their policy on religion when the boxes and scripture first went up.

It was student led, and they thought it was legal, so the material was posted, today though, they're backing off.

The scripture is coming down, but the boxes remain.

The superintendent refused to go on camera or issue a written statement, saying only this over the phone.

"We met, things are cordial, we're working on a resolution," said Suzanne Feeney, the District Superintendent.

They'll continue looking into whether the boxes are legal.

In the meantime, they remain.

Another meeting is planned for Friday, when parents will once again express their distaste with the situation.

Parents also tell me that the district was unaware of what the boxes entailed, that the boxes say a group of students will read and council other students about their prayers.