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Pasco Pro-Wrestler wants Wrestling in Tri-Cities

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PASCO, Wash - Jason Abregana grew up in Hawaii watching wrestling on television.  "At that time we didn't have cable on the island so they would air local wrestling matches on television.  I loved Don Muraco, he was my favorite.  I wanted to be like him."  So in 1982, Abregana started training to become a professional wrestler, and you'd be surprised to find out who was roaming around the gym.  "Yeah I trained with The Rock's grandparents.  He was about 13 years old when I started wrestling, he was just our locker room boy.  He would follow us guys around the gym, pick up our stuff, and ask questions about the business.  You could tell he was going to be big in the business."

For 20 years Abregana traveled across the country and the world wrestling with guys like Brett Hart and Mr. Perfect.  Abregana's nickname?  Well, first he was known as "The Fearless One" but that got changed to "The Hawaiian Kid."  You can also ask him about the great times he had with Hulk Hogan, and how he likes to make fun of Hulk on his new television show.  That aside, now Abregana works as a corrections officer at Coyote Ridge and takes care of his wife and children.  Jason still keeps in touch with all his wrestling buddies and says they would all be willing to wrestle again.  Therefore, Jason is in the process of learning about how he could bring a wrestling promotion or event to the Toyota Center in Kennewick. 

For now though, Jason is content with just being a regular guy.  He says he still gets recognized in the community, which makes him happy because it makes him think of happy memories from the past.  And for all you skeptics out there who think wrestling is all fake, have Jason tell you about his broken noses, elbow problems, and about how he nearly broke his back on multiple occasions.  Do you still not believe him?  "Get in the ring and try it!" says The Hawaiian Kid.