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Masterson Homes - Building Excellence Since 1946

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The business of contracting to build homes and commercial buildings is enough to challenge anyone. Contracting is about bidding projects, getting financing, breaking ground, laying foundations, building walls and ceilings, managing sub-contractors, working with owners, and doing it all as economically as possible. It is no small feat to be successful as a contractor; the road to success is fraught with potholes, some of immense proportions.

Many contractors go into business with the lofty goal of having their services be in high demand. The nature of the business is for builders to want to build bigger, better, and more beautiful homes as well as commercial buildings. They are craftsmen, after all, as well as business people. They want not only to sell their work, but to have customers recognize their quality construction.

Tom Masterson of T.R. Masterson Construction of Washington, Inc. has pursued this goal for more than 30 years. For Masterson, building homes is far more than a business-he's carrying on a legacy begun by his much-admired and respected father. Today's Masterson Construction has evolved from a family-run company that "began from almost nothing." The company is now a thriving, in-demand, general contracting business. Their projects include homes, condominiums, and office buildings as well as residential and commercial properties throughout the Tri-Cities area.


Masterson's father started Masterson Construction in southern California in 1946. California's economy was beginning to grow following the end of World War II.

As Masterson said, "My father was a very good builder and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He taught me from the ground up. I apprenticed under him not only in terms of the craft, but also in the business of running a construction company." Growing up in El Monte, California, Masterson worked for his father's construction company while attending high school. This gave him the business and craftsmanship foundation he would build on over the next 40 years. Masterson's father started his company with little more than a dream, a shovel, and a pickup truck. His is one of the genuine success stories of those who built American suburbia. Interestingly, Masterson's father was an expediter for Howard Hughes on the famous "Spruce Goose" flying boat project prior to his founding Masterson Construction. To further himself and his understanding of the construction business, Masterson enrolled at the University of Southern California where he earned a degree in civil engineering. After graduating, he went to work in the building department in the city of EI Monte. Within less than a year Masterson was heading the department - which is a testament to his success-oriented attitude, team spirit, and leadership skills. While working for the city, Masterson studied engineering further, soon earning his state civil engineering license. After being licensed, he worked another two-and-one-half years for the city before rejoining his father's now thriving company.


While he had a degree and his engineering licen se, Masterson's real ambition was to be part of the family business. "I had always wanted to work with my father and be a part of his business. Working for him was where I got my real training in the construction business. It was an education by doing." That family business experience laid the foundation for T.R. Masterson Construction's emergence as a leader among construction businesses in the Tri-Cities region.

Masterson arrived in the Tri-Cities in May 1976. The region was booming at the time as a result of massive construction work under way at the Hanford site on the Fast Flux Test Facility, Washington Public Power Supply System's two nuclear reactors, the Purex facility, and other projects. It was a good year for Masterson Construction. Tom Masterson and his crew built 48 homes in the now-familiar subdivision of Clipper Ridge II and Meadow Spring South. At the times, the homes sold for little more than $40,000 each. Masterson's love of family, friends, co-workers, and employees resulted in his family and company making the Tri-Cities their home. Masterson and his life-long love, Joni, decided - as many do - that the Tri-Cities would be an excellent place to raise their three sons. The sons followed in their father's footsteps, working in the family business until they graduated from high school, after which they moved on to college and new careers.


T.R. Masterson Construction has been extremely successful in the Tri-Cities region over the last 20 years. The company has grown every year since 1988 when development started to reemerge, and for good reason. "A company is built around good people, and my employees do an excellent job," Masterson said, reflecting in the comfort of his well-appointed conference room. "My employees treat this business like it is their own, often arriving early and leaving late. They now run the day-to-day operations so that I can be away from the office on business and pleasure. They will, however, tell you that I still watch the money very closely. I keep an eye on the accounting side of the operation. I'm also good at finding cost savings where possible, which puts my company in a competitive position."

This explains how Masterson Construction Company was able to weather the challenging economic times in the Tri-Cities during the early 1980's, and to be ready for new growth. As Masterson said, "My employees are assets to the company. I appreciate what they do and how they do it." Over the last 30 years, Masterson Construction has built many well-recognized commercial buildings, condominiums, and residential homes. His projects have included condominiums on Columbia Point and Parade of Homes residences, as well as some commercial buildings. Columbia Point condominiums, which are actually being built by another Masterson company - Golf View Construction, lately have been a focal point for Masterson. 


"While we build high-quality homes, I have worked hard to build homes for working families in the TriCities. We do custom homes that are tailored to the individual homebuyers' needs. All types of people buy our homes because they are affordable and incorporate features and amenities that fit the buyers' lifestyles. Often, the buyers customize our homes during the building process. They'll change cabinets, fixtures, carpets, etc..., to create a home that fits their family's unique everyday life," Masterson said. Masterson continues to see growth in the Tri-Cities region. He noted that there is adequate water and power, good transportation, and affordable land.

Together, these continue to present opportunities for developers as well as buyers-both in terms of residential and commercial properties. Masterson credits this continued opportunity for growth as a result of good planning by the city's Stadtvaters, as well as the positive attitudes of local lending institutions. In simple terms, T.R. Masterson Construction of Washington, Inc. has been building excellence since 1946 with a vision for the future.

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