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Car Windows Shot Out In Kennewick

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - The search is on for a suspect shooting at drivers. Someone allegedly shot out the windows of six cars this weekend in Kennewick, two of them with families inside.

Imagine you're driving down the street with your family. And suddenly the your driver's side window explodes. It's not debris from road, you've just been shot at. That's exactly what happened to two Kennewick families and police want to find out who's responsible.

"We pulled over and realized there was a small bullet hole down here," said Kelly Pflieger, shot at while driving.   

Friday night Kelly Pflieger and her family were driving on Columbia Center Boulevard just past 4th Avenue, when suddenly their the driver's side window shattered.

"It was scary we didn't know what it was. Just kind of in shock at first," said Scott Pflieger, Kelly's husband.   

Scott and Kelly had three young boys in the back seat. And their son Ben said the loud crash scared him.

"It was like a big dent like that," said Ben Pflieger.    

"Maybe a rock flew up and hit our window, but once we pulled over I saw the little hole in the bottom and I knew it wasn't a rock it was a projectile from a weapon," said Scott Pflieger.   

Officers told the family they anticipate the hole came from something like a rubber bullet or a shot from a pellet gun.

And the Pflieger's weren't the only ones shot at. A shot was fired at another couple just minutes earlier on 10th Avenue near Edison St., and then four other owners of parked cars reported smashed out windows on Imnaha, and Hood Ave.

No one got hurt, but Pflieger said it could have been a lot worse.

"So many horrible things could happen. When you're driving along and something like that happens. You could swerve, you could hit another on-coming vehicle, you could go off the road," Scott Pflieger said.  

And Pflieger hopes you can help police find the culprits and get them off the street.

If you have any information here's the number to call 586-TIPS or toll free 1-800-222-TIPS.