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Supreme Court Hearing Police Chase Case

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The Supreme Court is deciding whether police can use force to end high speed chases or whether it's a violation of civil rights. 

The decision could impact how police in our area and across the country track down suspects on the run.  Police said they have to weight the danger to the public versus the danger of having the suspect on the loose with each chase. 

Six years ago in Georgia a man didn't pull over for police.  They ended up using the "pit maneuver" to send his car into a tail spin.  The chase ended with the 19-year-old suspect paralyzed from the neck down.  His lawyers are arguing the force was excessive.

Two passengers in a car in Yakima were killed when a suspect, trying to get away from police, rammed into them.

"It really just depends on the type of the crime and whether that danger to the public out weighs catching people," said Kennewick Police Sergeant Scott Child.

The Supreme Court is deciding, in part, whether the "pit maneuver" is justified in high speed chases.