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Delvin Knife Bill

WASHINGTON - Richland Senator Jermone Delvin wants police to be allowed to legally carry spring-blade or switch-blade knives.  A bill that would make it legal passed the Senate and is now headed to the House.

Police said most officers already carry knives and said they are used in all kinds of emergency situations.

In Washington, it is a misdemeanor to carry a spring-blade or switch-blade but a representative from the senators office said many officers already carry them because they are highly effective.

Police said cutting a person out of a seat belt is one example of when they would be useful.

Kennewick Sergeant Ken Lattin said, "If there was a car accident and maybe we've got gas leaking or maybe there's a fire in the car after the collision and with just one hand we could flip open a knife, cut a seat belt, and get the victim to safety."

Delvin representatives said 30 states around the country allow officers to legally carry switch-blades.