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Group Complains about Reading Passing on the WASL

YAKIMA, Wa -    A group called the Parent Empowerment Network is complaining about what they say is a stereotypical passage about Hispanics in the WASL's English section.

The state will not reveal any questions on the WASL test, but this group learned about the passage from a 10th grader who recently took the test.

The student told them the passage was about Hispanic farm workers who earn very little money picking strawberries.  At one point in the passage, the student says one of the characters imitates a white person saying thank you in Spanish.

"I hope parents will request to view their child's WASL because they have that right.  The whole issue of secrecy with this test really alarms us," says Juanita Doyon, Director of the Parent Empowerment Network, "And things like this happen because the test is secret and teachers can't even look at the test."

Doyon says they are protecting the student's identity. 

They have complained to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools and to the governor, but they say