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Teachers Speak Out About Safety Issues at Grandview Middle School

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GRANDVIEW, Wa -  The Grandview Education Association sent us a press release complaining about safety issues at Grandview Middle School.

In the release, strong claims were made against the superintendent and the principal at the school.

The Union says more needs to be done to crackdown on violence and disciplinary issues.  They also say the school district is not enforcing it's zero tolerance policy for weapons.

"We have gang activity going on. Drugs going on during school time," says Tamara Everett, an 8th grade teachers at Grandview Middle School.

Teachers and administrators sound like they're talking about two different schools when they're asked about safety issues at Grandview Middle School.

"I can tell you that the number of incidents we have at Grandview Middle School are not out of line with what normally goes on in a middle school of a little more than 700 kids," says Kevin Chase, Superintendent of Grandview Schools.

8th graders Aaron Lee and Miguel Montegano say weapons and fights are a reality at their school.

"Some kids have actually walked down the hallways down there and flashed weapons and no one does anything," says Lee, "They just put it back away before anyone sees it and no one does a thing."

But both students say they still feel safe going to class.

"The principal and vice principal always do a good job of walking around the school," says Montegano, "And teachers are always walking outside the doors so if anything was to happen they'd see right away."

According to the school district, fights are down from 60 to 35 this year and they have had five knife incidents this year.  That's the same amount as last year.

But school district says a recent drive by shooting at the school has sparked fear among teachers and students.

Teachers say they have gone to the principal and superintendent to voice their concerns... Now they'll take this issue to the school board meeting tonight.