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Flashing Yellow Arrows Cause Problems

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Flashing yellow turn arrows have been causing a lot of confusion for many people in the Tri-Cities. At intersections like the one at Grandridge and Columbia Center many people say there are just too many cars for a flashing light to work. People then get impatient and may try and make a left turn when there just isn't enough room in traffic.

Kennewick Police say that the yellow arrows are meant to keep traffic moving, but that they require some common sense.

Sgt. Mike Genack says, "It is a flashing yellow arrow. You can make a left, but only when it is safe to do so."

Kennewick Police say they see many T-bone collisions at flashing yellow intersections, especially since people are still trying to get used to them

Tri-Cities driver David Mason says, "Most people I go by seem a bit confused, they don't know what to do."

Kennewick Police say it is costly if you don't obey the law. They say it costs $101 when you don't yield at a flashing signal and $153 if you hit somebody. Some drivers say they are especially cautious at intersections with flashing yellow signals.

Tri-Cities driver Joey Greenberg says, "I always allow a little more room, try not to tailgate."

Kennewick Police say most often it is not that people don't know the law it is that they are not patient enough at flashing yellow intersections.

Genack says, "What we're seeing is a lot of impatient drivers, that is the reason Columbia Center has such a high accident rate."