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Pasco Police Warn Drivers of Noise Violations

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PASCO, Wash.- With summer just around the corner, Pasco Police are warning people not to get too loud on the streets.

The sun's starting to come out more often, and that means people will be driving with their windows down, turning up the music, but on the streets of Pasco, if it's too loud, don't be surprised to see some flashing lights pulling you over.

Police are warning people, posting "Noise Reduction Zone" signs in high traffic spots.

Here's how it works, you're free to listen to whatever music you want, but if police can hear it from 75 feet away, you're in for a $250 ticket.

Car stereo shops say they always warn customers to stay within the law, but you don't need 2000 watts of power, to get in trouble, even a stock stereo can get you in trouble.

The limit's really not that high.

The music could be low enough to easily carry on a conversation with a passenger, but if your windows are down, you might still get a fine, and turning it down a little may help you save a good chunk of change in your pocket.

The stereo over there's only about half way up, and you can almost hear it.

And the law doesn't just apply to stereos, tuned exhaust, anything like that'll get you in trouble.