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Signs of Child Abduction

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- With the recent abduction in the Baugher family, many parents may be wondering how to protect their kids.

Police say that often child abductions happen in crowded areas, like in a mall, or a park. They say it is very important for parents to always have any eye out for children.

Kennewick Police Sergeant Scott Child says, "The biggest defense you can have against your child becoming a victim is having an awareness of your child."

Children's Protective Services officials say that parents should especially be aware of their children in custodial situations.

Police say in the Baugher case, the abduction resulted from a custodial battle, where John Baugher was supposed to return Lars and Remi and then took off with them.

Child says, "With a lot of crime, we can prevent it from happening it in the first place."

Denise Luders says she helped law enforcement find two abducted children like the Baughers. She says it was sad to see kids in such a situation.

Luders said she was just glad to see the Baugher kids found and she says in the situation she saw, the feeling around the abducted kids was "uncomfortable and edgy".

CPS officials say these feelings are reasons that situations like the Baughers are so serious. Police say they treat cases where children are involved with top priority.

Child Protective Services say besides always keeping an eye on your child, it is important to keep in constant contact with them and to tell your child about how to avoid strangers.