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Richland High Parents Keep Grad. Students Safe

RICHLAND, Wash. -- As the school year ends for many high school seniors',  parents worry about their kids going to graduation parties where alcohol might be present.

But, some Richland High parents are helping to find a safe place for their seniors. Police say that they see underage alcohol consumption rise during this time of year and that at times things can turn tragic.

 In 2004, 15-year-old Roc Johnson got alcohol poisoning and died. Police officers say these situations are unfortunate because they can so easily be avoided.

Kennewick Police Officer Matt Newson says, "If someone is hurt or dies as a result of drinking alcohol,and they are young, a life is robbed."

Friday night, some Richland High parents got together to raise money for a graduation party that won't involve alcohol. This auction raises money for seniors to get together without any drinkinh.

Richland High Parent Bob Jacobs says, "This is a great option for kids. I feel great comfort knowing that there is is gonna be a party that isn't going to get out of hand."

The auction Friday night raised money for the door prizes, hypnotist, and other activities that will be held at the party.

Richland High parent Tami Douglass says, "We want to make it [the party] more enticing for them so that their not out on the streets drinking."

Police say that alcohol is especially dangerous with people that are underage because they are not used to drinking it. They say that while graduation is a time to celebrate, it should be done without alcohol.