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Taxes Due April 17th

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PASCO, Wash. - If you waited until April 16th to file your taxes, normally you'd be too late. But this year procrastinators have 48 extra hours to get those tax forms in on time.

If you're prone to put off your taxes, this year you got a gift. Tax forms aren't due until April 17th.

This year the deadline fell on Sunday. Which means tax forms would be due Monday. However, Monday is also Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in the Washington D.C.

So if you really want to wait to the end, this year you can send in your taxes on Tuesday. But just because the deadline is two days later doesn't mean the lines are any shorter. 

"As always, every year, we have the people that wait to the very last minute to run in, or it just dawns on them, Oh man, I got to get it done by midnight tonight.  And they come running in with all their paperwork,"  said Connie Beutler, Customer Service Supervisor, Pasco Post Office.

Plus, don't get too cozy filing on the 17th. Next year you won't get the same opportunity.

In 2008, the April 15th is on a Tuesday. So the deadline goes back to normal. The next time Emancipation Day changes the deadline won't be until 2011.