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Detective Holds Meth 101 for Tri-Cities

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Tri-Cities Law Enforcement have reported that the number of meth labs have dramatically decreased but say it is still a huge problem in the community.

There are many people in the Tri-Cities community are fighting an addiction.

Monday night the Richland High School PTSA held a "Meth 101" class for parents and residents in the Richland High School cafeteria to hear the basic facts about Methamphetamine.

Richland Police Detective John Hansens was the guest speaker.  Jansen works on the Meth Abatement Team.  He said the drug, "is a huge problem we have in this area."

According to the illegal drug watchdog group, Meth Watch, the drug is also known as speed, crank, or ice and has serious affects on the central nervous system.  It can be sold in the pill or powder form.  Hansens said typically they find people smoking it, but addicts can snorted, inject or swallow it.  

During the session he explained how the highly addictive drug is made and what parents and community members can look out for.  The detective said the drug looks like rock salt.

Mother and local resident Becky Ford said the event was, "very informative and eye opening.  I have a sibling I can now say with absolute certainty is on meth."

Hansens said, "It's the most dangerous drug out there and it's the scariest drug.  We're trying to protect the kids."

Many of the ingredients in meth are found in the average home.  He displayed the ingredients and gave a step-by-step explanation on how the drug is made.  He also showed a movie and answered questions.

Ford said, "It's so sad.  It seems to affect every family.  Drugs are very prevalent in our society"

Hansens said he has given many, "If you can get a group together that wants to hear about it.  We will make the time to talk to you."

Police report that meth labs are down 90 percent but say more of the drug is being imported through the Mexican boarder.