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Gas Price Breaking Point

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The average price of gasoline in the Tri-Cities continues to go up, now at over $3 a gallon. But the question is: when will people stop buying as much gas?

Many people I talked to say gas prices have already reached a point where people are making significant changes in how much they are driving and what they are driving.

Many people say they have to drive for their work or simply to run an errand but many now say they have to drive less.

Tri-Cities Driver William Reid says, "I don't drive my truck as much, if they get too much higher, I'd have to get a moped or a motorcycle with a sidecar."

Besides driving less, many people are trying to be more efficient with their driving. Driver Noel Commeree says, " I think planning to try and not take as many trips, to do everything all at one time when I'm out."

Linda Maybee  says that, "Instead of going into town every day, I will try to go once a week."But gas prices are expected to continue to climb over the coming months, and the question is will people stop buying gas when the price hits $3.20 or $3.30, or will they drive regardless. Many say that at $3.50 or $4.00 they would significantly change their driving habits.

Tri-Cities car dealers say higher prices haven't changed people's buying habits. He says people continue to buy what they need regardless of the price at the pump.