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May is National Women's Health Month

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Most women don't think twice about taking an ill child or a loved one to the doctor's office.  Most encourage their kids to go out and play (aka exercise), or, if tired, to take a rest.  They do most of the shopping, they put together healthy meals, and they know their kids' shoe sizes -- just in case they find a good sale.

Most women -- working outside of the home or not -- fill the role of "domestic engineer" rather effectively, caring for their families and keeping their households up and running.  But when it comes to the care those same women give themselves, many fall miserably short.

"There's not enough time," is the most common excuse, but it's really not a valid one.  Everyone gets the same twenty four hours everyday.  What a person chooses to do with that time is a matter of setting priorities. 

And that's the rub.  Many women find themselves and their needs at the bottom of the priority list.  Saying "no" to driving the kids somewhere or exchanging the vacuuming for an hour of "me time" isn't even considered an option.  But self care, relaxation, exercise and good nutrition are just as important for women as they are for anyone else. . .perhaps even more so.

To effectively take care of others and run a house, a woman needs to first take care of herself.  No one is a bottomless font of nurturing, able to continually pour out love and care without refilling or refueling herself.  Self care provides that refueling.  Daily exercise, good nutrition and regular down time (to do whatever she feels like doing for herself) allow a woman to better take care of the needs of those around her, because she's taken care of her own needs.

Historically, the month of May has been dedicated to mothers everywhere, including special aunties, sisters, and the little older lady next door, all who may not be mothers themselves, but who are caregivers and nurturers, none the less.  More recently, May has also been dedicated as National Women's Health Month.  Memorial Hospital wants women everywhere to be informed and empowered in all that they do, including caring for themselves, and that's why we invite you to visit our new, interactive website at  Once there, you can point and click your way to information about your own health, as well as tips and suggestions for caring for those around you.