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Bad Batch of Medicine Kills Three People, One in Yakima Valley

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YAKIMA, Wash.- A batch of bad medicine has killed two people in Portland and one person in the Yakima Valley. It's a popular medication doctors say is used to treat arthritis. The medicine is call Colchicine. It's commonly taken in pill form with people suffering from gout and painful arthritus. Medical examiners say the prescription label said one thing, but a drug factory prepared deadly doses of the medicine by mistake.

Doctors say it's also available in an a liquid form. We're told the three people who died were being treated with IV injections of Colchicine, all prescribed by their doctor.

Oregon Medical Examiner, Dr. Christopher Young says a drug factory in Dallas, Texas prepared a batch of Colchicine that was ten times stronger than the standard concentration. Fortunately, we were able to recognize the problem before it reached any other patients. It's not believed that any of these bad doses are still in circulation. Dr. Young says it was a small batch, about 70 or so doses. The names of the three victims have not been released.

If you take colchicine and have questions or concerns, contact your health care provider.