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Strawberry Flavored Meth Found Throughout West Coast

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Police said meth has plagued our society for years but dealers have found a new way to make it that might make it more appealing to younger users.

It looks similar to the popular Pop Rocks candy and it is called Strawberry Quick.  The flavored methamphetamine has a pink tint and a fruity smell to it.

Police in the Tri-Cities said they have not seen the flavored meth locally, but think it could make its way to our area.

Meth is typically white or brown in color and has a bitter taste.  The National Drug Enforcement Administration reported that the strawberry flavored meth has a sweeter scent to it. 

Authorities have reported finding it in states throughout the west coast like California, Oregon, and Washington.  Authorities also found it in Nevada, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Minnesota.  Federal authorities believe the flavored meth might be moving towards the east side of the country.

Kennewick Sergeant Trevor White said, "I definitely think it's an option that will present itself to local abusers in the area."  He said if the trend hits the Tri-Cities police would work to get it off the streets the same way they currently combat illegal drugs.

Many believe the flavored meth might entice younger teens to try it or might make them think it is less dangerous.  The strawberry flavor reportedly takes away the bitter taste of the drug but is still highly addictive.