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Unlimited Hydroplanes on National Geographic Channel

Big Fish Entertainment and the American Boat Racing Association proudly presents the world premiere of Need for Speed:  Boats.  Watch it Thursday night at 8:00pm on the National Geographic Channel.

Note:  There's a couple of minutes of video that was produced by KNDU-TV / HydroInsider.com that's in the special.

Speed along at more than 200 mph with some of the fastest boats on water as NGC takes viewers from the ocean waters off the coast of Seattle to the rivers of North Carolina to show us how engineers, mechanics and daredevils push the boundaries of human possibility - all in their Need for Speed. Whether outmaneuvering the competition on a course, putting the pedal to the metal or racing around the world, boat racing teams all have one thing in common - a never-ending quest to go faster.

For additional viewings, log onto:  http://channel.nationalgeographic.com and search the listings for Need for Speed: Boats