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Counterfeit Money Reported in Kennewick

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Fake money could be in your wallet or pocketbook right now.  Police said they have seen a number of recent reports of counterfeit bills and want Tri-Cities residents to be on the lookout.

Kennewick Sergeant Brian Swartswalter said years ago it was mainly large fake bills that they saw but now more counterfeit fives and tens are popping up.

With advances in technology, the quality of printers and copies are better and this has made it easier for some suspects to make and produce fake money.

On Sunday it happened at a store on 27th Avenue in Kennewick.  Police said a man was caught buying cigarettes with a fake 20-dollar bill.  When contacted by police he said he received it from someone he sold his bike to early that day.  Police said in many cases it is difficult to track and prove that the person with the fake money is at fault.

Police also said many thieves will try to use fake money at yard sales because many people selling their personal items are not use to inspecting bills and that many sellers are unsuspecting.

Thieves also reportedly like to target places or stores that are busy, hoping that the cashier will not notice the fake bill.  

Police said criminals with fake money usually only carry one fake bill on them, so if they are caught they can say the received the money as change from someone else or tell officers that they do not know where they got it.