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Oldest Living WSP Trooper Living in Kennewick

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KENNEWICK, Wa.,--Bob Rupp spent 34 years in the Washington State Patrol and was ready to retire. Yet, before calling it quits, he added another 12 years to his resume as a Benton County Sheriff. 46-years in law enforcement hasn't come close to slowing this father of four down.

"I just been used to getting up and going to work, and I still do that<" said Rupp.

And since 1939, Rupp has protected everyone from citizens to political dignitaries. As a state trooper, he was assigned to former Washington Governor Dan Evans, who requested that he investigate a case involving a missing girl. But that wasn't a luxury the state patrol usually had.

"We were traffic oriented, that was our main progress, in the state of washington was traffic safety," said Rupp.

Rupp's home has a wall of fame which includes various plaques and honors from his law enforcement days. Rupp's daughter, Christine Green, says her dad has a great memory and enjoys going out and spending money.

"He loves to shop, mother hated to shop, so shopping was always a treat, we got to go with dad, and even to this day, he loves to go to the mall," said Green.

Rupp says he maintains very close ties with the state patrol and Benton County Sheriff's office. In fact, he hired the current sheriff, Larry Taylor. Aside from three heart surgeries, Rupp's health is pretty good. Although, part of him wishes he was back on the job.

"Everytime I meet a state patrol car on the road, I think gee, I should be in that thing," said Rupp.