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National Gas Ban Flops in Tri-Cities'

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KENNEWICK, Wa.,--Many of the gas stations said today was business as usual. But, one gentleman said a one day ban is pointless and unrealistic.

Just another day at the pump. Around noon time, this Safeway gas station in Kennewick, was busy as usual. The proposed National Gas Ban Day was an attempt to curtail escalating gas prices and to send a message to the profitable oil companies. Yet, consumers i spoke with say they might cut down on how much gas they buy, but not ban it outright. Besides, one day is not enough according to one man.

"If they have something to do, their gonna go fill up and go do it, so its realistic to a sense, but not to the full point," said Robert.

"I think in order for something to affect the big gas companies and oil companies is to have a ban all month," said a small business owner.

This Texaco station in Pasco was also doing well. Employees there added that many customers didn't know about the ban and if they did, it wouldn't affect them.

Overall, it appears that National Gas Ban Day didn't play a big role in our area today. One station owner said that a ban only hurts the consumer and independent gas station operators.