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Materials Found in Sex Offenders Car Concern Richland Police

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RICHLAND, Wash. - A lewd conduct arrest had Richland Police worried about items found inside the suspect's car.

Richland Police said they found lots of duct tape, face masks, different kinds of gloves (latex, leather, cloth), knives, straight razors, plastic wrapping material, several jars of Vaseline, three bottles of what appeared to be urine, a pipe, heavy white cords, double braided rope, knit hats, and garage bags.

The items were apparently found April 22nd inside of 48-year-old Jeffrey Parker's car.  He was arrested for allegedly masturbating in his car in a Starbucks parking lot in Richland.   

Police said Parker told them he was good friends with the late Wesley Allan Dodd.  Dodd is a Richland native who was executed years ago for murdering and torturing a number of small children.

Police said the materials found in Parker's vehicle alarmed them.

Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb said, "They are not illegal to possess, but in such a quantity, packaged the way they are, coupled with Parkers actions, coupled with Parkers history, it is cause for concern."

Police said Parker is a convicted sex offender and is currently in Benton County Jail for the recent lewd conduct arrest.  Police said that although it is not a crime to have all those types of materials, they think it is very suspicious.