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Simply Knowing about Drug Activity can Cost You

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KENNEWICK, Wa.,--The law is called Maintaining A Dwelling For Controlled Substances. That means you can be charged for simply knowing that drugs are being sold or are being kept on your property.

Last night, Detectives from the Criminal Apprehension Team arrested three people at one of the residences at Kamiakin Apartments. One man and one woman were charged with possession and delivery of a narcotic. The third person..well she simply knew what was going on. Police say that is a crime.

"This law is a tool for law enforcement," said Sgt. Scott Child. People that knowingly know that criminal activity is going on."

Child says that if you're charged, it's a class "C" Felony. The penalties include either imprisonment for up to two years as well as a $2,000 dollar fine or both.

Police say they are cracking down, trying to keep children and minors safe.