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Yakima Police Look for a Murder Suspect

YAKIMA, Wa -    Yakima Police are having a difficult time tracking down a murder suspect who shot and killed a man last night.

Police say they have a vague description from a few witnesses.  Right now they are looking for a Hispanic man in his twenties or thirties with short spikey hair.  Witnesses also told them suspect drove away in a white car.

The murder happened at about eight o'clock on Wednesday night on the 300 block of Perry Street.

Police say 29-year-old Juan Ramos was shot at least three times in the chest while he was in his truck.

All they know at this point is that Ramos was seen arguing with someone in a white car before the shooting.

"So our job right now is to try and do some back tracking with the victim, the victim's family," says Captain Greg Copeland of the Yakima Police Department, "Talk to his friends. Figure out what he may have been doing in that part of town."

Police say the victim - Ramos - did not live on Perry Street.

One neighbor believes Ramos turned on the street to get away from the suspect.

"Well, I think he was being pursued by somebody and turned down this street not knowing that it is a cul de sac," says Elaine Smith who lives twenty yards from where they shooting happened, "And when he turned around and tried to get away, the other person was waiting for him."

Neighbors say that they have had problems with petty crimes in their street.  Things like fire crackers and car break-ins, but never a murder.

Someone who works with the landlord told us one lady decided to move out today.