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Heat Factor Increases Chance of Dehydration and Heat Stroke

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KENNEWICK,Wa.,--John has been an employee at this Domino's Pizza in Kennewick for 14 years. Today, he attempted to sell hot pizzas outside on Clearwater avenue to customers. He said he couldn't decide whether it was better to work inside or outside today.

"Today, its kind of a toss up for temperature between the places," said John. He does have the air conditioner going but with the ovens going to, its kind of a, like I said, kind of a toss-up."

At the joint(Benton County/Kennewick) Fire Training Center in Kennewick, a group of Kennewick high school students known as "Explorers" played a game called Water Ball. It's similar to Tug-of-War, except without a hose. Captain Brian Cole said the heat can take its toll on the body very quickly.

"You can get dehydrated really quickly," said Cole. Also, Heat Stroke eventually just being overheated where your body can't control that anymore."

Explorer Kevin Lewis has to wear special firefighting gear which traps the heat in.

"People are like oh whoa its hot today, but ya know wearing all this, its, its worse," admitted Lewis."

Drinking lots of water along with other sports drinks will help replenish essential sugars and salts your body needs to function. Soda will do the opposite.

"The caffeine will make you dehydrated just on its own," according to Cole. Water, Gatorade and those sorts of drinks are ok."