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Uncommon Vehicle Violations

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RICHLAND, Wa.,--It's a sound drivers hope to never hear. But if a police car pulls you over, its likely for a violation the officer noticed, such as not having a license plate on the front of your vehicle.

"You need to have your license plate displayed both on the front of the vehicle and on the back," said Sgt. Kevin Berger. The tab and the registration needs to be displayed only on the back."

The Washington State Department of Licensing requires registered owners to sign their vehicle registration forms. Failure to do so could result in a fine.

"Some of those are signatures required and purchasing the fees and tabs on time," said Berger."

Window tinting has become a popular feature on cars and trucks. As long as police can see inside your vehicle, it won't be an issue.

"The level and tint in your vehicle is gonna decide how much you can see outside when your looking at other cars, pedestrians, children, motorcyclists," said Berger. You need to be able to see outside your windows."

Renewing your registration is important. But don't forget to change the decals on your license plate. One vehicle we saw had expired tabs. It's grounds for being pulled over.

"You need to take the second step and properly apply the decals that show the month and the year of expiration," said Berger."

To help prevent fraud and further criminal activity, its crucial to have visible plates. Nothing, not even mud or stickers, should cover up any of the letters on the plate.

"We need to be able to see what vehicle is associated with which tag," said Berger. We need to be able to read those letters from a certain distance away."