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Your Car Could Be a Fire Danger

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Firefighters say a tractor and a train have already started fires this summer but there is another thing that causes fires all too often.

Firefighters warn you that the catalytic converter on the bottom of your car can actually start a fire. Your catalytic converter reduces the toxicity of emissions coming out of your car. But when you drive in the summer heat, it could cause a fire.

Benton County Fire Captain Jeff Ripley says, "Catalytic converters run very, very hot and that ignites the cheat grass and then people drive off and they don't even know they've contributed to a fire."

Firefighters say it takes another person passing by who then calls the fire department and alerts them of the fire. But, they say by the time they get there the fire may have already spread and be much harder to put out. They ask people to be cautious this summer when driving over any dry grasses.