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New Theory on Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey bees

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WASHINGTON.,--WSU Entomology professor, Steve Sheppard, will be comparing healthy combs with combs that suffered from Colony Collapse Disorder.

Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) occurs when Honey bees leave the hive and never return. Beekeepers have used pesticides for over a decade to help control Varroa Mites. Sheppard says these mites can kill a colony within two years.

"The problem is the mites have a very short life span, the life cycle, much shorter than the bees, and they can rapidly develop resistance to these, these compounds," says Sheppard.

Since Honey bees raise their young in waxy honeycomb, pesticides, used to control mites build up in the wax. Over time, they could cause harm to the colony. Honey bees play a big role in pollinating crops, which is worth more than $9 billion dollars a year to the economy.