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Who are these guys? Jax & Max: Broadcasting live on the internet from Madison

MADISON, Ind. - "We're just a couple of local guys," said Mark Jackson (Max), half of the team of Jax and Max that's put together a pretty sharp live broadcast via the internet from the Madison race site.  The other half is Troy Jackson (Jax).

The "local guys" wanted a way to publicize the city of Madison and the excitement of boat racing, and also drum up a little buzz about the software products.  They are affiliated with Hello World, where you can watch broadcasts.  It's a cool product that lets "average guys like us turn into broadcasters," Mark said.

It's getting some attention.  At one point on Saturday, more than 1,000 people had checked out their recorded and live programs.  "I'm sure there would be more if there were some racing," he said.  Racing was canceled for the day due to debris in the Ohio River.


Jax & Max broadcasting live on the internet from the Madison Regatta with Jeff Ayler

Photo:  Jack Lowe

Watch their show on-line at:  Jax & Max >>

One unique feature of their broadcast is the ability for people to use the built-in chat function while the program is going on.  With the delay in racing, they were able to get drivers and teams to come over and be interviewed.  Viewers were able to send in questions and they'd ask the teams.  "You almost can't keep up with the email (the chat)," he said; "40 or 50 come in at a time."

This is a totally new use for the software and they're doing it on a wireless feed from SEI Data.  "It's been a real learning experience," said Jackson.  "We figured we'd either do it or burn it up."

Troy Jackson worked for WORX doing the hydroplane broadcasts for several years.  So he knows hydros.  But, Mark said they're not professional broadcasters.  That's OK.  If you watch, it seems like they're a couple of guys hanging out and having fun.  They've brought hydro fans around the world a way to hang out and have fun, too.